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  • Put your best face forward…Wow Now!

    Posted on December 15, 2013 by in Amplify Blog

    NuFace (micro current) is an Instant Face lift that lasts 2-3 days

    What if you could exercise by laying down, closing your eyes and letting technology do all the work?

    You can try a device that does just that–for your face. It’s called a NuFACE treatment, newly available at Amplify Skin, and it uses a gentle dose of micro-currents to provide a mini face-lift.

    Here’s how it works: We reclined, then an esthetician passed an FDA-approved hand-held tool (originally made to treat facial paralysis) over our brows, cheeks and jaw line. We could feel low-level zaps of electrotherapy on our skin, which tickled and tingled beneath the device’s two metal knobs. Our facialist explained the process was stimulating facial muscles and collagen production.

    After one session, our cheekbones looked more contoured, jaw lines more taut, and skin more plump. The effects wore off gradually, but studies show that cumulative effects include lasting firmness as well as reduced fine lines and wrinkles (all that dermal stimulation adds up).

    At Amplify Skin, spa-goers can get the regimen prior to any special event or party. You can opt for the 60 minute Fountain of Youth facial ($55) which combines a peel, mask, and red light therapy (for additional collagen production), with swipes of the NuFace tool (which devotees can purchase to use at home for $299 special, regular $325).

    It may sound zany to some, but we predict after just one time, you’ll be zap-happy.